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Protein (3 oz.): 16g Despite heavy marketing claiming that it is the “other white meat” pork is actually red meat.

But don’t let the often overstated associations between red meat and mortality scare you off; pork tenderloin is a great lean protein source.

We have a measuring ruler built into the counter (normally only used for kids packs, 4-inch sandwiches), and our bread seems to always be around 12.1 inches.

The employee's favourite sub is a 6-inch hearty Italian, meatball sauce, cheese, toasted.

Proud holders of the Royal Warrant and supplier to many of the world's finest hotels and restaurants, supermarkets, delis and food halls, John Ross Jr has carved a global reputation for producing world-class smoked salmon.

Traditional red brick kilns dating back to 1857 and a passion for creating premium quality smoked salmon products using time-honoured techniques is at the heart of the smokehouse, which sits on the edge of Aberdeen Harbour.

‘Now, food manufacturers are cutting back on preservatives in line with consumer demand and Government health guidelines and, as a result, these products are more likely to need to go into the fridge after they have been opened.’‘An example would be a soft cheese, which has been contaminated with listeria, stored in the same storage box carton as pate or smoked mackerel.

If they are touching, the bacteria can transfer, or you can transfer it by hand. Coli contamination in meat has reduced in the past ten years, the overall rates of food poisoning from E. This points to other sources as being important, including raw vegetables.’Bacillus cereus, a bacteria found in plants grown close to the ground such as rice, cereals and spices, accounts for around 2 to 5 per cent of all cases of food poisoning in the UK and can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

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John Ross Jr has been a proud holder of the Royal Warrant for 24 years and supplies world-renowned hotels and restaurants in the UK and 36 countries across the globe with its smoked salmon, gravadlax and other smoked fish, smoked meat, fresh fish and meat products including: We are proud to supply Wholesale, Retail, Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers in the UK and to over 30 countries around the world.

Chilling will slow down the growth of bacillus cereus, says Prof Humphrey — so store cooked rice in the fridge as soon as it has cooled.

Uneaten rice should be thrown out after three days in the fridge.

Any foods considered to be a herb or spice can now be found by visiting the A-Z of Herbs and spices page.

Adzuki beans are small red beans that originated in China and are also known as aduki or azuki beans.

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