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I’ve been working on a sample application that needs to load some generated display content into the Web Browser control and I’ve been wanting to interact with this content.

One of the things I want to do is use some transitions like modal overlays and activity displays while pages load – in other words do some Ajax based UI functionality but with data that is provided by the host application.

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NET Web Browser in a manor that can be more easily consumed than with the native component. NET Web Browser for automated browser testing or screen scraping you've likely discovered the challenges it presents due to its Message Loop implementation.Unfortunately the web browser control is not too happy inside a WPF life (since it’s basically a thin wrapper around native window).So instead I decided to render the browser into a bitmap and then show it on the list.Document property, but it doesn’t have a parent Window property. NET exposes is only a wrapper around the ‘real’ DOM COM object that Internet Explorer uses internally.The COM object is what we need to access in order to get at script code. Invoke Script() function that can execute any script on the page with parameters and return a result value easily.

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