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The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) will be the implementing body that will enact punishments to violators.First offenders will be locked out from their accounts for seven days.The Chinese government is strictly implementing the guidelines to keep its people in check, prevent mental damage that sexual content might bring, and stop further spread of gossip, rumors, and false information.PETALING JAYA: A 22-year-old man went to meet a woman he met at We Chat for sex but ended up being bashed up by extortionists.People can use the service to do video calls, share and view photos, create and share private albums and send messages.

According to reports, the women earned a surplus of 18,000 yuan (,900) in the two months leading up to their arrest on March 24.

ACP Ahmad Dzaffir said a friend of the victim went to the police after receiving a video and picture of the victim when he was contacted by the suspects in their bid to get the money.

Getting depressed looking at all the happy, successful moments your contacts are sharing on We Chat? Now thanks to Shanghai-based satirical video producers Mamahuhu, we get a real look at what these users are like behind their posed moments.

We're especially grateful for the fact that Mamahuhu subtitles all their videos both in English and Chinese, which means both bilingual understanding and the ability to enjoy the videos at work without letting the boss hear that you're wasting valuable company time watching Youku.

We also like Mamahuhu's line-straddling humor that pokes fun at at both foreigners and Chinese with equal fervor.

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