Breast cancer survivor and dating

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As she got older, Favors noticed a new fullness in her left breast, but she chalked that up to maturity.She’d never heard that swelling or enlargement could be a symptom of breast cancer.As it turns out, men and women both struggle with identifying the best time to tell a new love interest about their cancer the risk of sounding trivial i would like to see a dating site/thread for single cancer survivors.

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I could just make up a number now, so I’ll say 10/90. the five-year plan is also short enough to not be complacent, or take things for granted, or worry about stupid shit.In her post, Millheiser, director of Stanford’s Female Sexual Medicine Program, offers tips for women in their 20s and 30s who are jumping back into the dating scene, and she answers practical questions like when they should tell their partner about the cancer.She also explains what prompted her to offer such guidance: These young women are often faced with issues related to their mortality, fertility, body image, and sexual function.After her mother died of breast cancer, Gina Favors – just 17 at the time – did everything she could to avoid getting it herself.She ate a healthy diet, got plenty of physical activity, got regular mammograms, and paid attention to the way her breasts looked and felt.

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